Sharjah 3d Light Show 2013

The Festival of Lights, being held for the third consecutive year, will once again turn the spotlight on the emirate’s iconic buildings, monuments and cultural and tourist attractions at 14 locations across the emirate bringing out their beauty of design in a symphony of colours, lights and melody.

Internationally acclaimed artists and technical wizards are working to put together another extravaganza of lights and colour never before seen in the region. The festival will be formally launched at Al Qasba once again under the patronage of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah on Thursday, February 7th.


Fertility Boosting Foods You Should Start Eating Now


Do u like to have  babies

Do u like to have babies

A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential for optimum fertility. A healthy body is a fertile body and the health of your baby is in great part decided before a pregnancy is even in sight. You see, by 8 weeks gestation a baby’s health blueprint is already created, as are his or her tiny organs and little fingerprints! At this stage his or her health vulnerabilities and strengths are set by the ‘map’ guiding this miracle of creation. It is fair to say that once a pregnancy is established your child’s health potential becomes the lowest common denominator of you and your partner’s health at the point of conception.

So, how do you overcome fertility problems and give your child, the best possible start in life? It’s simple. Ensure you your partner are in optimum health by beginning the preparation for your most important event yet, at least 120 days prior to a conception attempt — whether you are trying to conceive naturally or using any form of assisted reproductive technologies.

Why 120 days? The quality of the egg and sperm today is the reflection of everything that was happening in your life and immediate environment over the previous 4 months. Your complete health picture during that time including nutrition, stress levels, blood oxygenation, hormone levels, emotions and other factors affect the quality of your fertility in the current month.

What you eat is an important part of my 11 Pillars of Fertility blueprint developed to give couples a comprehensive step by step reproducible system for overcoming fertility problems and creating the healthy baby of their dreams.

So what are some of the fertility boosting foods you can start making a solid base of your fertility diet today?

  • Green vegetables and Leafy Vegetables – This includes spinach, kale, collard greens, watercress and even avocados. They contain folic acid, helpful in the production of red blood cells and genetic material. Folic acid also promotes development of a healthy nervous system, and prevents neural deficiencies in the fetus after conception—and it’s extremely important for healthy sperm production.
  • Nuts and Seeds – This includes walnuts, almonds, pecans and all seeds like safflower and sunflower seeds. The have essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which are essential in the production of healthy cells.
  • Citrus Fruits – Oranges, Kiwi fruit, grapefruit and other citrus fruits all have very high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C enhances sperm motility by preventing sperm clumping. It also enhances ovulation and release of the egg from ovaries.
  • Pigmented Vegetables – This includes orange or red hued vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, and all varieties of squashes. These have beta-carotene which is a healthy source of Vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for maintaining healthy tissues in the reproductive organs as well as being essential for developing healthy brains and eyes!
  • Sardine – This fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, which assist hormone production. In addition sperm is largely made up of this type of fatty acids as is the embryo’s developing nervous system.
  • Pineapple – This is the best known natural source of Manganese, a very important mineral. Manganese activates enzymes in the body that trigger production of various reproductive hormones. Low levels of manganese are associated with difficulty conceiving. Pineapple also contains great amounts of enzymes, which aid digestion.
  • Chilies – Spicy foods containing red chili peppers increases blood flow around the body, ensuring that the reproductive system gets a healthy supply. Chilies also stimulate endorphin production, associated with stress release and a feeling of calm relaxation, which greatly increase chances of conception.

These foods are most effective if consumed in their natural form. For the highest nutritional value, choose fresh, unprocessed organic foods wherever possible, and avoid overcooking your vegetables.

English Malayalam Indian Spice Names

indian spices -Click to Zoom

The following is glossary of Spice names used in our Recipes in Malayalam/ English based on our readers Request

  • Patta/Karugapatta – Cinnamon
  • Elakka – Cardamom
  • Grambu – Cloves
  • Jathikka – Nutmeg
  • JathiPoo – Mace
  • Takkolam – Star Anise
  • Kus Kus – Poppy seeds
  • Jeerakam – Cumin
  • Perum Jeerakam (Saumph or Moti saumph in Hindi) – Fennel Seeds/ Sweet Cumin
  • Saumph (Patli Saumph or Choti Saunf in Hindi) – Aniseed/Anise – (Aniseed and Fennel Seeds are often Confused. Aniseed is used as Mouth Freshener and is expensive. Fennel seeds are often used in Kerala Cuisine.)
  • Karinjeerakam (Kaala Jeera or Shah Jeera in Hindi) – Black Cumin/ Black Caraway – (Nigella Seeds are also known as Black Cumin though it is entirely different from Kaala Jeera.)
  • Sheema Jeerakam (Shia Jeera) – Caraway seeds/ Persian Cumin/ Meridian Fennel (Caraway seeds and Black Cumin are often confused. Black Cumin is used in Biryani and Caraway seeds are used for flavoring Breads and Cakes in some cuisines.)
  • Ayamodagam – Ajowan caraway / Thymol seeds/ Carom/ Ajowan/ Ajwain
  • Ellu – Sesame seeds
  • Kunkumapoov – Saffron
  • Uluva – Fenugreek
  • Kayam – Asafoetida
  • Tulasi – Basil
  • Karuva Ella – Bay leaf
  • Karutha Uppu – Black Salt
  • Karivepala / Vepala – Curry Leaves
  • Malliyilla / KothaMalli – Cilantro / Coriander Leaves
  • Manjal – Turmeric
  • Malli – Coriander
  • Mulaku – Chilly
  • Kurumulaku – Pepper

Chicken Jalfrezi




1/2 kg boneless chicken, cubed or cut into strips

2 onions, sliced

2 tomatoes

2 green capsicums, cubed

3 green chillies

2 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp garlic paste

2 tsp ginger paste

2 tsp coriander powder

2 tsp cumin/Perumjeerakam powder

1 1/2 tsp garam masala

1/4 cup + 3 tbsp yoghurt

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp coriander leaves, chopped

salt to taste




1.      Marinate the chicken pieces with garlic paste, ginger paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala, 3 tbsp yoghurt and salt and refrigerate it for atleast an hour.
2.      Grind tomatoes and green chillies together to a fine paste and keep it aside.
3.      Heat oil in a pan, add the sliced onions and fry till soft and keep it aside. Add capsicums and saute for 1-2 minutes. Keep it aside.
4.      In the same oil, add the marinated chicken pieces and fry till the chicken is soft and dry. Remove the chicken from the oil.
5.      Add chilli powder and the remaining marinade in the same oil and saute. Then add the chicken and water and cook for 5 minutes.
6.      Add 1/4 cup yoghurt, fried onions and the ground paste and cook till dry.
7.      Add the sauteed capsicums and cook for 1-2 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve…

Thattikuttu Tips .  Do take the time to marinate the chicken as this makes the chicken juicy and full of flavour. You can also make this recipe with prawns. Just do the same thing with the prawns as you do with the chicken but for a shorter period of cooking time.

Brinjal roast with yogurt Dip

തൈര്-1 കപ്പ്
ഇഞ്ചി-വെളുത്തുള്ളി പേസ്റ്റ്-1 ടീ സ്പൂണ്‍
മുളകുപൊടി-2 ടീസ്പൂണ്‍
ഗരം മസാല-1 ടീസ്പൂണ്‍
മഞ്ഞള്‍പ്പൊടി-അര ടീസ്പൂണ്‍

വഴുതനങ്ങ കഴുകി വട്ടത്തില്‍ അരിഞ്ഞു വയ്ക്കുക. വല്ലാതെ കനം കുറച്ച് അരിയരുത്. ഇത് അല്‍പനേരം ഉപ്പുവെള്ളത്തില്‍ ഇട്ടു വയ്ക്കുക. പിന്നീടിത് വെള്ളം മുഴുവന്‍ കളഞ്ഞെടുക്കണം. മുളകുപൊടി, ഉപ്പ്, ഗരം മസാല എന്നിവ കലര്‍ത്തി വഴുതനങ്ങ കഷ്ണങ്ങളില്‍ നല്ലപോലെ പുരട്ടി അരമണിക്കൂര്‍ വയ്ക്കുക.

ഒരു പാത്രത്തില്‍ എണ്ണ തിളപ്പിക്കുക. വഴുതനങ്ങാ കഷ്ണങ്ങള്‍ ഇതില്‍ ഇട്ട് വറുത്തെടുക്കണം.

തൈര് നല്ലപോലെ ഇളക്കുക. ഇതിലേക്ക് ഇഞ്ചി, വെളുത്തുള്ളി പേസ്റ്റ് ചേര്‍ത്ത് ഇളക്കണം. പാകത്തിന് അല്‍പം ഉപ്പും കറിവേപ്പിലയും ചേര്‍ക്കണം.

വറുത്തെടുത്ത വഴുതനങ്ങ കഷ്ണങ്ങള്‍ തൈരിലേക്കു ചേര്‍ത്ത് ഇളക്കുക.

ചപ്പാത്തി, ചോറ് എന്നിവയ്‌ക്കൊപ്പം കഴിയ്ക്കാന്‍ പറ്റിയ കറിയാണിത്.Image